Star Wars The Old Republic: Game Update 5.3 – Sisters of Carnage

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Star Wars The Old Republic: Game Update 5.3 – Sisters of Carnage

Star Wars The Old Republic: Game Update 5.3 – Sisters of Carnage

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Brave Knights rejoice! Game Update 5.3 is here and it brings you a brand new challenge in the form of the legendary superweapons, Aivela and Esne! What is more, a new Stronghold awaits for you on the fabled planet of Manaan! ‘Sisters of Carnage’ also features thrilling new Companion Customizations, combat modifications for classes like Sith Inquisitors, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers and much more!

The Droid sisters have been awakened by the Alliance and together with their other superweapon brother Tyth, are waiting to put all your skills to the test! Assemble a team of eight or sixteen companions and accept the challenge of this new Operation Battle! Once you have completed Story Mode you can spice things up with Veteran Mode for better rewards and increased difficulty!

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And after the battle is over, you can relax and recuperate at your amazing new Stronghold on the water planet of Manaan! Your new home can be accessed from the Strongholds/ Crew Skills area and can be decorated according to your personal taste with the use of Manaan-themed Deepwater Essentials Bundle obtainable from the Cartel Market!

Finally, and for the first time ever, two of the most iconic Companions, Lana Beniko and Koth Vortena can have their outfits customized! Plus, for a more balanced multiplayer experience, some classes like the Sith Inquisitor will have a small modification of their abilities in order to ensure better performance in combat!

For more information on the new update and the changes it brings, please visit Official Page

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