EVE Online: Upcoming Strategic Cruisers Rebalance

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EVE Online: Upcoming Strategic Cruisers Rebalance

EVE Online: Upcoming Strategic Cruisers Rebalance

Strategic Cruisers will be undergoing a significant transition over downtime on Tuesday, July 11th with the July release. The Strategic Cruiser class is being rebalanced focusing on its core elements, flexibility and customization openness.

Key issues addressed with the current Strategic Cruiser design:

– Rigs in their current state lock T3 hulls into a specific set of bonuses and prevent T3 Cruisers from achieving the goal of a “strategic” ship that you can adjust from day to day to meet your needs by changing subsystems.
– T3 Cruisers overlap too much with other ships (especially Heavy Assault Cruisers and Recon Ships) and their dominance can reduce ship variety.
– Many of the subsystems and subsystem combinations are underpowered and rarely used.
– The current state of T3 Cruisers is unsustainable from a technical graphics perspective.

Changes to Strategic Cruisers to resolve identified issues will be very significant in scope so existing ships and subsystems will go through a dramatic transformation on patch day. Following the example of the successful Tactical Destroyer focus group, a new Strategic Cruiser Focus Group will be available to help refine and improve the designs for this T3 Cruiser rework, through fast discussion and improved clarity. Don’t forget that everyone can see what is being discussed, but only focus group members and CCP devs can actually talk in the channel.

Fly safe and don’t forget to visit the Official Page for full details!

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