Rift: 4.2 Celestial Storm – July 19


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Rift: 4.2 Celestial Storm – July 19

Rift: 4.2 Celestial Storm – July 19

The Celestial Storm strikes on July 19th so you’d better prepare for war or be ready to flee! Crucia has come for Ahnket and is willing to crush any who get in the way…

Some key highlights that are worth mentioning is that the new update will include Vostigar Peaks, a new overland zone with new questlines and several fascinating points of interest, Tartaric Depths normal mode, new raid rifts, new instant adventure and new creatures. And for all those who already own the Primalist Calling, four new Primalist Souls await; Mystic, Farseer, Predator and Primal Lord. Of course, the Ascended Essentials Pack is a great way to gain all the souls!

Last but not least, it is worthy to mention that Prophecy of Ahnket is now FREE, so you are welcomed to login and enjoy the celestial lands.

For additional information you can also visit the Official Page.

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