Star Trek Online: The Endeavor System!

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Star Trek Online: The Endeavor System!

Star Trek Online: The Endeavor System!

The new Endeavor System, a limited-time challenge from which you can gain special rewards, is coming to Star Trek Online as part of a future update. A new Endeavor will begin 2 or 3 times per week and players will have the opportunity to accomplish certain missions and goals in order to get instant special rewards! Endeavors will update for Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and Friday through Sunday, so you’ll have opportunities to pursue many different goals throughout the week.

As the Endeavors will be active simultaneously for all players, you will be able to team up with your friends and fleetmates to complete them and instantly be rewarded upon task fulfilment. Rewards will include a pile of energy credits, a box of marks, bonus dilithium ore, crafting materials, or extra experience points – with a chance to jackpot for an extra-large prize from any of the above!

Stay tuned for all related news and don’t forget to visit the Official Page for full details.

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