Argo: Out Now and Available on Steam!

Argo: Out Now and Available on Steam!

Argo is the official standalone conversion of the popular Arma 3 title and is now available on Steam, for free!

Join this challenging tactical shooter and fight in a completely unrestricted environment where personal skills and cooperation are all that matter! Become a mercenary, join one of the two rival factions and take your team to battle! Be careful though for in Argo, the only thing that separates victory from defeat is one single bullet!

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It was back at 1996 when Theodoros bought his first Personal Computer and with it a copy of Shogun : Total War. That was the beginning of many sleepless nights of exploring the fantastic world of gaming. He calls himself an “expert” defender and that’s his favorite gameplay style but he will not hesitate to grab a shield and go forth to protect his team as a tank. So next time you adventure in Azeroth and see a shield bearing cow named Klaras, you have found our guy! He is also a great fan of Role Playing Games. From Icewind Dale to Neverwinter Nights and Skyrim, you name it, he has played it all! He is not your average casual gamer, he is a dedicated fan!
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