Team Fortress 2: Balance Changes

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Team Fortress 2: Balance Changes

Team Fortress 2: Balance Changes

A new major update is coming in Team Fortress 2 and with it, a great number of changes! Today, we are going to give you a taste of what is coming; bear in mind that this is a work in progress with many things still being worked on and others up for discussion!

The first thing that will change is the Panic Attack feature; the goal is to make it immediately usable and give it a unique design. To achieve that, it will get a 50% faster switch speed and 50% more pellets but in the same time 30% less damage output.

Next comes the Spy class. Some of its abilities like the Dead Ringer and the Ambassador will get some fine tuning to become more interesting and balanced and others like Your Eternal Reward will receive a good face-lift in order to increase their usability.

Scouts will have a lot of things changed; starting with Sandman Flying Guillotine and Bonk! Atomic Punch, there will be a few, but important modifications in order to promote and reward skill, accuracy and ingenuity. What is more, weapons like The Atomizer will be nerfed a little (it’s just too strong!) while others like Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol will be upgraded in order to become more appealing.

The Soldier class will have some changes regarding balance issues; more specifically, B.A.S.E Jumper will receive some modifications to become fairer to play against while Mantreads will receive a stat boost to become more desirable.

Snipers will have a complete makeover in their Darwin’s Danger Shield; this item used to give a direct and rather unfair advantage when equipped, so it’s decided to change completely giving it increased survivability against some ranged attacks and melee fights versus Pyros. Also, the Razorback weapon will receive modifications that will nerf it down a bit with the goal of a more balanced gameplay.

Finally, the Heavy, Medic and Engineer classes will also receive a number of changes. Medics’ Crusader’s Crossbow and Vita-Saw will be altered in order for them to become more balanced and less overpowered requiring more skill. The Heavy class will have some of its weapons (like Fist of Steel and Eviction Notice) nerfed a little and others like Gloves of Running Urgently modified in order for them to become a little less powerful. The same goes with Engineers’ Rescue Ranger which will be changed to add a more balanced feeling.

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