League of Legends: Champion Roadmap June 2017

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League of Legends: Champion Roadmap June 2017

League of Legends: Champion Roadmap June 2017

League of Legends has introduced through time various new champions. With Xayah and Rakan the game reached 136 in total. As the game develops and moves forward, you should expect to experience an increased amount of VGUs and a decreased amount of new champions. Based on this focus shift, the development team will continue to evaluate and tweak this ratio on an on-going basis.

The new updates will start to prioritize reworks based on need rather than on a champion’s specific class. League of Legends will discontinue the large seasonal class updates and focus more on incremental updates on individual champions that need work. The Roster team is already working on a pretty large gameplay update to one of the most requested champions, Aatrox. The team promises to be the largest pure gameplay update they have ever done on a champion, with every single ability being evaluated and updated.

Urgot is getting much closer to being released. The current version is a pretty unique champion—a marksman/tank hybrid but it is oriented to also focus to a Ranged Juggernaut role without losing his identity.

And finally there is Evelynn, expected to be a “modernization” rather than a complete reboot, similar to Warwick’s VGU, maintaining the same sexy, stealthy, shadow assassin looks we all know and admire, but with some nice additional tricks in her assassin’s sleeve…

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