Albion Online: New Mounts and Where to Find Them

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Albion Online: New Mounts and Where to Find Them

Albion Online: New Mounts and Where to Find Them

Hector introduced a total of eight new mounts to Albion Online, so it is time to find out what they do and how to get them! In general, mounts are a great way to travel through Albion Online. Aside from the regulars, there are several rare and faction mounts, providing a great advantage in case you manage to obtain one.

There is the tutorial mount, which is a simple mule given to the new arrivals in the land of Albion and which can only be obtained once by finishing the tutorial quests in the starter towns. The Special Mounts such as the Giant Stag that can aid solo-gatherers and couriers or the Transport Mammoth which is the ultimate transport mount for guild operation, can be found as rare drops in the open world.

Faction Mounts such as the Bonehorse, characterized by increased hitpoints, speed and maximum load, or the Spectral Bonehorse, the Swiftclaw, the super fast Rageclaw, the Warhorse and the Nightmare, are faction-specific, and can only be obtained by slaying the faction’s bosses in the open world.

For additional details, full specs and crafting instructions, you can visit the Official Page.

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