Elsword: New Character Ain Announced

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Elsword: New Character Ain Announced

Elsword: New Character Ain Announced

Gameforge and South Korean developers KOG’ are introducing a new character class to the anime sidescroller Elsword: Ain makes the round dozen of playable heroes.

The angel named Ainchase Ishmael combines his godly powers with the earthly precious stone, EL. His ancient way of speaking also belies his position as son of the world of gods.

Fight with Might and Magic

Ain expands the popular anime MMORPG to include a special magical component: his pendulum lets him unleash the might of the gods in stages and also allows him to profit from the effects of three power boost levels. They not only change his movement but also allow him to float or grant him wings.

Ain gathers power points through hits or suffered damage which he then uses for creation or rotation magic, to give himself the upper hand in battle.

Angel in Skill Fever

At first glance, you do not see the secret of the calm-looking Ain’s origins. However, the moment he destroys his pendulum, he gets access to supernatural powers which he makes perfect use of.

Whether he turns to the lighter or darker side of magic is up to the player: alongside the character release comes the release of the class changes for the 1st path (Exactor at level 15 and Prodigium at level 35).

This provides Ain with a wide selection of combo attacks and special abilities and he can then fight with a projected shortsword, dagger or godly spear.

The next class changes for the 2nd path (Aptare and Vigere) as well as the 3rd path (Viator and Apostata) follow soon, so stay tuned!

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