DOTA 2 Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign – Siltbreaker: Act I


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DOTA 2 Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign – Siltbreaker: Act I

DOTA 2 Exclusive Battle Pass Campaign – Siltbreaker: Act I

Dark Reef prison…a place where evil lurks in the shadows; the foul Sllitbreaker has awaken and is threatening the world with chaos. Four brave champions must travel across the land, fight hordes of monsters and abominations and finally face this Prime Evil in the first ever DOTA 2 Multiplayer Campaign!

Act I opens and the enigmatic Conclave of the Brine invites you and your fellow adventurers to face Slitbreaker’s horrible followers, starting with Rhyzik the Corruptor! Each time you finish the campaign you will have the chance to earn Artifacts, in-game powerful objects that can be equipped and used every time you play the campaign.

As you fight your way through the various zones you will be awarded with stars, based on your performance. A one or two-star performance will earn you Battle Points rewards while a three star one will give you a Slitbreaker Treasure which will give you the chance to get an incredibly rare Immortal Desert Sands Baby Roshan courier! What is more, Battle Pass owners with Battle Level of 165 or higher will be rewarded with doubled loot for every three-star completed zone and there are achievements to unlock for even more Battle Points!

So, take your friends, arm yourselves with courage and go out there to see if you have what it takes to defeat Rhyzik and set the stage for Act II!

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