Guild Wars 2: Updates to World vs. World Skirmishing and Rewards

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Guild Wars 2: Updates to World vs. World Skirmishing and Rewards

Guild Wars 2: Updates to World vs. World Skirmishing and Rewards

The Guild Wars 2 team has announced the new rewards for the World versus World skirmishes as a part of the June 2017 Competitive Feature Pack!

First of all, there will be a new Skirmish reward track included in the Match Overview tab under the WvW UI. It will look like a filling bar resembling that of the structured PVP and it will reset weekly. Your WvW rank, fighting while outnumbered, your world’s position during the skirmish, playing on the same world for more than three weeks and commanding a team of more than five members will all offer you pips; when your accumulated pips cross certain tiers and divisions you will be rewarded.

Rewards include WvW-specific items like tactics, tricks and traps as well as Skirmish Claim Tickets that can be used to buy ascended Tier 2 equipment from the Skirmish Supervisor vendor!
What is more, you will find a new Match History tab displaying the war score, victory points and kill/ death statistics for the duration of the event making easier to keep track of how good you and your world are doing!

Moreover, improved LFG will be the new feature that helps finding other players to team up with. Upon entering WvW the UI will display three squads and three parties that you can join; the ease of access plus the rewards one can get for commanding a squad will surely attract more players!

Furthermore, Tier 3 Mistforged Triumphant Hero’s armor, the ultimate WvW armor will become available! Note that you must first have acquired the Tier 1 and 2 pieces that they both require a very high WvW rank to purchase.

Finally, players will be introduced to the new siege themed, flame-emitting, WvW legendary backpack, the Warbringer! The first tier for this new backpack will be available for purchase for players of WvW rank 50 with the use of Skirmish Claim Tickets!

For more information and updates, please visit Official Page

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