League of Legends: 10 Bans in Regular Play Coming Soon

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League of Legends: 10 Bans in Regular Play Coming Soon

League of Legends: 10 Bans in Regular Play Coming Soon

Starting in patch 7.11, teams will get two additional bans, reaching five in total, during the ban phase for all draft Summoner’s Rift modes. The pick intent phase remains as is and every player can indicate the champion they want to play. This is followed by the new ban phase where the ten players ban simultaneously without seeing the opposing team’s possible choices. After both teams lock their choices, each team’s bans are revealed to the other (bans can be duplicated across teams), and the pick phase continues as normal.

The core reasoning behind this modification, was to increase player control in champ select. No matter where you sit in the champ select order, you have a fair chance to choose a ban and even your chances in lane. Additionally and for the first time, everyone can remove a direct counter to their lane. Moreover, simultaneous bans can cut the time in champ select from anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes, getting you into game much faster.

League of Legends team, realizing that there is a disconnect between regular and professional play, they are working hard on bringing the esports snake draft format to an organized team mode. For additional details on the new ban phase, you can also visit the Official Page and check the video preview.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!

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