MechWarrior Online: Patch Notes 1.4.115

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MechWarrior Online: Patch Notes 1.4.115

MechWarrior Online: Patch Notes 1.4.115

Dear MechWarriors,

The newest patch released for MechWarrior Online has been officially launched this week and features some great updates! Starting with Javelin’s arrival which blends firepower and mobility and was originally designed as a mobile scout, it has gained a reputation through the years of active service as a premier ambush and strike ‘Mech. Additionally, the new Skill Tree offers pilots a much greater control on Mech loadout and role optimization, thus providing an increased customization and specialization depth. It actually is a major shift from the previous Skill Tree system as it also addresses the heavy “progression walls” by removing the Rule-of-3 variant leveling system and integrating Modules directly into the Skill Tree.

It should be noted that a great variety of gameplay-related tweaks, cockpit items, badges, titles, emblems and decals are included in the patch and the Wave 1 Clan Heroes are available for direct in-game purchase with MC.

For full information and details you can also visit the Official Page.

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