Rift: Rift 4.0 Gets a New Name – Prophecy of Ahnket


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Rift: Rift 4.0 Gets a New Name – Prophecy of Ahnket

Rift: Rift 4.0 Gets a New Name – Prophecy of Ahnket

A new name is born for RIFT 4.0 as it will be known as Prophecy of Ahnket from now on! This change will be depicted in-game, on the official website, on relevant advertising campaigns and in every single bit of element related to the game. As the previous one was considered to be risky for possible in-proper associations with a children’s educational charity called “Starfall Education Foundation”, the team has decided to rename its expansion in order to avoid confusion.

The new expansion will be offered free of charge to anyone who logs in over this special Free Expansion Weekend! And for all those, awaiting 4.2 note that RIFT’s team already prepares a “normal mode” version of Tartaric Depths for those who appreciate a bit more of a challenge, massive changes to the Planar Fragment system, revisions to class balance and new Primalist Souls.

And along with the new name, 2 new RIFT Packs are launched! The Prophecy of Ahnket Access Pack and the Celestial Adventurers Pack are now available including multiple add-ons and exclusive content and features.

For additional details you can also visit the Official Page.

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