Star Wars The Old Republic – The War for Iokath: Now Live!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Star Wars The Old Republic – The War for Iokath: Now Live!

Star Wars The Old Republic – The War for Iokath: Now Live!

Grab your lightsabers and get ready to enter the clash between the Republic and the Empire, in “War for Iokath”, the newest game update for SWTOR where you will choose your side of the Force and explore the ancient and highly-advanced planet of Iokath, or team up with allies on different challenge levels to defeat Tyth, a deadly droid super-weapon that was recently discovered on the planet and must be destroyed before it unleashes its unimaginable power across the galaxy!

In order to join this new Operation, players must be level 70. The new update includes epic galactic rewards, like new combat armor, vehicles and in-game pets and features the return of old companions that will fight alongside with you, like Malavai Quinn and Elara Dorne! Be warned though, that many years have passed and your decisions may put old friendships to the test…

For more details you can check out the trailer or visit the Official Page.

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