World of Tanks: Update 9.18 – All-Round SPG Revision

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World of Tanks: Update 9.18 – All-Round SPG Revision

World of Tanks: Update 9.18 – All-Round SPG Revision is finally releasing World of Tanks massive update 9.18 following an enormous effort to collect user’s feedback and put it in the best possible use, developing core adjustments and fine-tuning a “myriad” of gameplay and user interface elements.

Since SPGs have been a thorn for quite some time within the community, mostly due to their poor accuracy and extremely long reload times, they deserved a decent update since they are maintaining their part within the game (they could not be excluded, could they?). In that respect, the newest update brings core adjustments to the SPG combat parameters and mechanics, with the goal to make them more team-oriented and exciting to play, with or against.

Major re-adjustments are focused in the number of available SPGs, their number is now being limited down to three per team, in order to stop arty-dominated battles and provide just enough support to each team without scaring its opponents. SPGs will now not be able to play in Platoons. Additionally the firing parameters that are being changed in order to avoid piercing thick armor, usually dealing fatal damage and thus encouraging forced draws or base camping, the all-new stun mechanic that will reshape arty into efficient team players and the new economy employed, earning XP and Credits for damage that their teammates cause to stunned targets, will transform SPG gameplay into a more balanced and enjoyable experience.

For further details on SPGs new role, you can also checkout the Official Page.

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