League of Legends: Champion Rework – Galio The Colossus

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League of Legends: Champion Rework – Galio The Colossus

League of Legends: Champion Rework – Galio The Colossus

Riot has done an excellent job on the new Champion rework for League of Legends, included in patch 7.6. So, meet the new Galio that is buffed with enough power and style to satisfy even the most demanding players!

Galio’s new abilities include the Colossal Smash, a basic attack dealing bonus magic damage in the area scaling with the bonus attack damage and the magic resist, Winds of War firing two wind-blasts dealing magic damage, Shield of Durand a special passive shield ability that absorbs magic damage, Justice Punch a powerful charge dealing magic damage and Hero’s Entrance an impressive aerial attack which ends up to a powerful ground charge.

Playing Galio has never been so entertaining. Loving to making great power entrances to any fight, Galio prefers entering fights and dealing lethal blows to his opponents either from a close range or from distance. His great area-of-effect skills unleash terror to hordes of enemies, however he should be played strategically as once he enters a fight he finds it difficult to escape.

For more details on this Champion rework you can view the gameplay trailer or check out the Official Page.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAauTOwvZDI” /]

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