Duelyst: Patch 1.82 / Ancient Bonds Expansion


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Duelyst: Patch 1.82 / Ancient Bonds Expansion

Duelyst: Patch 1.82 / Ancient Bonds Expansion

Duelyst’s new expansion is here and provides players with 39 new cards focusing on tribal synergies between minions, a new Keyword “Bond” activating when minions of the same tribe are played to the board and multiple new strategies and effects! You can review the new cards and read about them in the Full Set Details.

All these cards can be collected from Ancient Orbs, a special type of Spirit Orb, purchased through the in-game Armory for 300 gold or $2.99 each. Each Ancient Orb contains a full playset of three unique cards and will never contain duplicates of any card you have already owned, thus guaranteeing that all players will get the 39 new Ancient Bonds cards after opening 13 Ancient Orbs. Finally, players will experience certain balance changes focused on increased mana costs for various cards, that have proved too powerful, as well as stat and property modifications for some others.

For additional information you can also check out the Official Page.

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