DOTA 2: 2017 Cosplay Competition at the International


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DOTA 2: 2017 Cosplay Competition at the International

DOTA 2: 2017 Cosplay Competition at the International

It has been just announced that the Cosplay Competition at The International will feature a $15,000 prize pool up for grabs during the Main Event of the year’s premier DOTA 2 tournament. The event will be administered by PGL.

All dedicated cosplayers are invited to craft their best DOTA themed costumes and visit Seattle in August for the Main Event of The International. You do not need to be an event ticket holder to compete. All registered cosplayers will be admitted to a Prejudging Phase near the event venue. The Performance Finals will then take place on the Main Event stage. Regardless their position in the competition, all registered cosplayers who meet the entry requirements will receive this year’s DOTA 2 Cosplay Crest upon appearing in cosplay during the Prejudging Phase of the competition.

For further details and for registering don’t forget to visit the Official Cosplay Competition Page!

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