AION: Update 5.3 just around the corner!


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AION: Update 5.3 just around the corner!

AION: Update 5.3 just around the corner!

As we are getting close to the 8th of March, the official release date of Aion’s update 5.3, our anticipation elevates to new heights! The story is centered around the weakening of the Aetheric field around Atreia. Sensing this change, the Ereshkigal are sending out Dredgions elites to raid the capital cities and you must unite with your fellow Daevas to protect your home!

Following the update’s release and every Sunday, all players will be given the chance to queue so that the first 384 of them will be teleported in their faction’s capital city and defend it from the evading forces with the goal to earn as many points as possible and acquire valuable rewards. The Arena of Tenacity is also a very welcomed new addition, giving players the chance to participate in a new 32-player seasonal tournament format arena and fight 1v1 single elimination matches.

Among many other changes, the newest update also features new systems and items, such as the Essence Cores, which are special equippable items allowing you to obtain extra Essence points and the Empyrean Bracelets, which will increase your PvP defense and can be improved up to tempering level 10.

For more details you can also check the Official Page.

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