World of Tanks: Update 9.17.1 is Here!

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World of Tanks: Update 9.17.1 is Here!

World of Tanks: Update 9.17.1 is Here!

As discussed yesterday, the new World of Tanks update 9.17.1 goes live tomorrow Thursday, 23 of February! Changes include revisions to the Tech Trees, balance adjustments, Strongholds and various new additions. It is finally the time for players to check for themselves all the new goodies and engage into the new action!

After a short server downtime tomorrow, from 02:00 to 08:00 CET (UTC +1) and some temporary functionality suspension, players will be able to experience the new German Tech Tree, re-balanced and updated, the revised American and Japanese Tech Trees, the re-engineered Strongholds and various vehicle changes focused mainly on balance and attribute improvements.

New functional elements are also making their debut, such as the simplified technical characteristics display, the updated vehicle comparison which will allow players to compare additional statistics, the new detailed received damage log which will provide more useful information and the new platoon spawn system which will spawn comrades closer to each other in order to maintain team cohesion. Additionally, aesthetic changes and improvements on the UI, the sound effects customization and the mini-maps are more than welcomed and will certainly add an even more refreshing flavor to the game.

For further details you can also check out the update video review or visit the Official Page.

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