World of Tanks – Sandbox Testing Phase 2

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World of Tanks – Sandbox Testing Phase 2

World of Tanks – Sandbox Testing Phase 2

It is finally here! The second testing phase of Sandbox for the Wold of Tanks has arrived with a focus on artillery changes.

The main reasoning behind those changes is the fact that the existing SPG mechanics seem to undermine the game’s experience due to their slow rate of fire and poor accuracy, thus not providing much fun neither promoting the team’s cohesion and its offensive dynamics. Therefore it has been decided to limit the number of available SPGs in battle, to the number of 3 per team and provide them some interesting tweaks so that they can better serve their purpose.

More specifically, the stun effect has been redesigned and improved, the SPG ammo load, shell and combat parameters have been revised, a new aim mode has been added, the blast radius and damage have been updated and a target area marking is introduced in order to depict to other friendly units, the current target aimed.

We are looking forward to participating, testing those changes and providing our feedback to the development team!

For further details you can check the video or the Official Page

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