Pivotal Gamers Rating Engine

Pivotal Gamers Rating Engine

Hello fellow gamers! As you probably know by now, Pivotal Gamers is not like any other “free online gaming” community out there. We not only maintain one of the most updated lists of free online and mobile games but we designed our site to be game centric. All information regarding a game can be found under the game’s hub page. News articles, reviews, images, videos, forums, can be directly accessed right at the edge of your fingertips. Never again was so easy to find so much information about a game, so quickly.

But we did not stop there. We wanted to make Pivotal Gamers the ultimate community for free online and mobile games so we implemented what we call the PGRE, namely Pivotal Gamers Rating Engine. The idea behind our own proprietary rating engine emerged through the need to rate each game not only by our own personal standards but based on how the game actually performs out there. And despite the fact that our editors are top-notch, we all know that a good editorial should always come with its editor’s personal touch.

So what is PGRE? Well essentially PGRE is a highly customized web crawler. We crawl the web to find information about every game appearing on our site. We gather all the information there is, even comments and mentions on blogs, forums and the social web. We then analyze the data and calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) about each game such as, rates from other sites, its player base, trends, positive and negative reactions to it, how often it gets updated, our own rate of course, just to mention a few. Finally we feed all those KPIs to our proprietary algorithm to calculate the overall rate.

We like to believe that our rating engine is nothing like you have ever experienced from a free online gaming community, or any other gaming community for that matter. Be certain that our rates represent how the world sees and feels about a game and not just only us. Like our game centric presentation we managed to innovate in rating games also, because this community is from gamers to gamers.

That is why we always like to say :

We rate games so you won’t have to!

Till next time,

Keep on playing!

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